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FAF Gunsmithing is a family owned home based business. We take pride in quality work at reasonable prices, driven by customer service. But talk is cheap, so don't take our word for it. Have a look at our customer reviews page and on our Google Business Profile to see what our customers have to say.

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History and Service of FAF Gunsmithing

The owner grew up working on his own firearms, finding his passion for how they worked at a young age. From there, he began working on friends and family's firearms, making small repairs and improving accuracy. Life threw a curve ball and in 2021 FAF Gunsmithing was born after obtaining Gunsmith certification from American Gunsmithing Institute. As well as general firearms repair, we are a licensed Class I FFL, providing custom order firearms services and custom ammunition orders. See a list of a sample of services below. Don't see what you're looking for? Contact us and see how we can help. 

Our Services


-General repairs of pistols, shotguns, and rifles
-Customizations of most firearms
-Muzzle loader repairs
-Custom fabrication of obsolete parts

Safety Inspection

Breach to muzzle safety inspections to insure proper function and fit of all component of your firearm


We offer several levels of cleaning from general cleaning to detailed gunsmith cleaning, as well as rust removal and finish touch-up


Laser sighting with a Site Lite SL - 500, and verify at our range to ensure you make the shot when it counts

Firearm Transfers

-Long guns 15.00

-Pistols 25.00

-Multiple Pistols 35.00 

Custom Work

From the simple trigger job on your favorite pistol or rifle, to full custom pistols and small caliber rifels, contact us for estimates and availability


We offer full bedding services from Pillar bedding to Full length bedding to meet all your accuracy and stock strength needs. We also repair and refinish stocks.

Scope Work

We offer scope mounting, lapping, removal and warranty send-out

Firearm's Sales

While we don't have an inventory of firearms we are happy to order them for you for a small fee over the cost of wholesale


We do not have ammo in stock be are happy to order it in for customers for a small fee over wholesale


We clean, service, and repair most makes and types of shotguns. We also customize them for specific uses and lengths of pull.

Customers Love FAF


2135 Battlefield Rd.

Perryville, KY.

Phone: (928) 530-2853

Tuesday - Friday   : 10am - 5pm

Saturday or other hours : By appointment